Shunxing has focused on the die spotting
press design and manufacturing
for over 10 years

Ningbo Shunxing Machinery Manufacturing Co. was founded in 2004 and specializes in the design and production of high quality die spotting presses and mold reversing machines. Thanks to our expert research and development team and outstanding production capabilities, we have become China's largest manufacturer of die spotting presses by market share. Our equipment provides customer with quality assurance as these products perform reliability and securely for the consistent production of high quality end products. Our machines have been CE certified, enabling international exports across Europe. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about our high quality equipment. Details

Main Products
    1. Die Spotting Press YC High Precision SeriesThe YC die spotting press features a high precision, and is equipped with four spotting oil cylinders arranged in a square. This ensures a more uniform mold plate force, and a smaller deformation coefficient.
    1. Die Spotting Press JM High Precision SeriesThe design fundamentals of the JM high precision series die spotting press are similar to the YC series, in that it is also equipped with four reliable guide pillars, an elastic mold plate and four spotting oil cylinders.
    1. High Precision Spotting Press with Two Plate ClampingIt completes reliable and stable spotting through the use of four evenly distributed spotting oil cylinders, but it has no upper seats, which decreases the machine height by 15-25% .
    1. High Precision Spotting Press for 3-Color MouldThe overall structure of the high precision spotting press for 3-color molds is similar to the JM series die spotting press, but its defining trait is the turnable device.

We make the die spotting process more secure ● We make the routing maintenance of mold efficient